Quick Workouts...Is It Possible To Be Quick AND Effective?

There are many different workouts to choose from.  If you're looking for quick workouts that are effective, and will help you lose weight fast I have two choices for you: Crossfit and 10 Minute Trainer.

I enjoy promoting Crossfit whenever possible, because it works.  I'm also a Beachbody coach and obviously enjoy promoting Beachbody products too, but feel it would be a disservice if I didn't mention crossfit as
a quick workout that will get you in great shape and lose weight fast.

What Is Crossfit?

Crossfit is a dynamic workout that uses a variety of movements and exercises to give the participant an intense
workout that stresses their entire body with maximum intensity.

That's my textbook definition of Crossfit.  In reality, it uses traditional muscle-building/powerlifting exercises
like squats, cleans, and snatches to transform you into a toned, muscular, and healthy new person.

Crossfit uses a large variety of exercises including...

  • Squats
  • Sprints
  • Pullups
  • Rope Climbs
  • Kettlebells
  • Cleans
  • Pushups
  • Box Jumps
  • Jump Rope
  • And many, many more.

    I have a separate page on Crossfit that includes an interview with a Crossfit expert.  I encourage you to check it out if you are serious about Crossfit or losing weight.

    I've included it on this page also, because Crossfit workouts are relatively short.  They can be as short as ten minutes (in some cases as long as an hour though), yet give you a tremendous workout. 

    Crossfit  workouts are performed in a group setting at specified times.  You go to your Crossfit gym at a scheduled workout time, and
    perform the workout of the day with other people doing the same workout.  This builds trust, rapport, and friendship among Crossfitters, one of the more unique and beneficial aspects of this workout. 

    10 Minute Trainer

    10 Minute Trainer by Beachbody is a natural fit for this page.  The workouts in this program are designed to get
    you in shape or keep you in shape in only 10 minutes.  There are 8 total workouts.

    The workouts include...

    There is an additional 6 workouts available for an extra cost.  You don't need the additional workouts, but they will add more variety and intensity to this program.

    Whether you're a beginner or have been exercising on a regular basis, eventually you're body will get too familiar with the workouts and your results will plateau.  The additional 6 workouts add variety and intensity to the program.  Furthermore, you might get bored with the 8 base workouts, and simply need to add variety to keep your interest.

    I have a complete 10 Minute Trainer Review here.  If you are looking for a quick workout, are short on time, or just don't want to commit to a rigorous exercise program yet, the 10 Minute Trainer is for you.  Check out my full review for everything you want to know about this program, including why it may NOT be the workout program
    for you.

    Why Are Crossfit And 10 Minute Trainer Effective Quick Workouts?

    Can you REALLY get a great workout in only 10 minutes?!

    That is the question everyone is wondering about 10 minute workouts.  

    Whether its Crossfit or 10 Minute Trainer, most people hesitate to trust these workouts because its simply hard to believe you can get a good workout and get in great shape in such a short amount of time.

    However, here are some reasons they are so effective...

  • Fast Paced

    Conventional workouts are poorly structured.  In most cases a conventional workout will have you do a particular exercise with a rest period before the next exercise.  Although not a bad idea, this is not the most effective use of your time.  If there is such a thing as exercise efficiency, the old school, conventional method would fail.  You want your workouts to be efficient, meaning you are getting the most for you time and effort.

    With quick workouts like Crossfit and 10 Minute Trainer, your workout efficiency is high.  You don't have time to rest between exercises or sets.  The whole point of the workout is to get the most accomplished in the least amount of time.  As a result, the workouts are going to be fast paced, where you're moving from one exercise to the next very quickly.  The fast pace, combined with quality exercises gives you a higher workout efficiency, where you'll ultimately get results faster.

  • Compound Movements

    Crossfit and 10 Minute Trainer make great use of compound exercises.  Compound exercises utilize many different muscle groups at the same time.  For example, squats use your quads, hamstrings, butt, and core.  A quality compound exercise.  However, OVERHEAD squats, where you lift your arms overhead either with or without a weight, work your legs and core, shoulders, arms, and even calves.  Crossfit and 10 Minute Trainer have many exercises with compound movements. 

    The workout efficiency with compound movements is high.  Again, this will ultimately give you results faster.

    Whole Body

    Similar to the compound movements, another reason why these quick workouts are so effective is because they work your entire body.  For example, one of the best quick workouts with the 10 Minute Trainer is the total body 2 workout.  In one exercise, Tony Horton has you doing curls with a resistance band, however, he has you standing on one leg.  Although it may seem inconsequential, standing on one leg while doing curls was tougher than I thought.  At the end of the exercise, I could tell I stressed not only my biceps, but my calves, butt, and abs

    Since the 10 Minute Trainer and Crossfit are fast paced workouts and work the entire body in this short period of time, you'll burn more calories and build muscle fast. 

    Within the past few years there has been a change in thinking when it comes to losing weight, gaining muscle, and getting great abs.  This change involves working the entire body effectively in one quick workout. 

    Rather than focus on simply legs, back, arms, or shoulders, working the entire body, especially when utilizing your core, will get you results faster.  Whole body quick workouts are fast becoming one of the most effective ways to get in shape and lose weight fast.  Both 10 Minute Trainer and Crossfit are the best options for workouts that are not only quick but effective.

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