The Insanity Workout, A Workout To Lose Weight Very Fast

The Insanity workout program by Beachbody is an extreme home workout. Similar to p90x, Insanity was developed as an alternative to boring, conventional, or lackluster home workout DVD's. Although it hasn't reached the popularity of p90x, it is just as effective, if not more effective. It is a 60 day, intense program.

You Will, Without A Doubt, Lose Weight With Insanity

My wife and I purchased the Insanity DVD's in the summer of 2011. There is a reason they call it Insanity... because it is an insane workout! if you complete the entire 60 days you will lose a ton of weight, and will have to get a new wardrobe for all the new clothes you'll need.

We tried all the workouts over the course of a few weeks. Basically just to mix up our normal workout routines. However, I enjoyed them so much I decided to commit to the entire 60 day program.

The workouts consists of a lot of plyometrics and interval training. The combination of different jumps, squats, and push ups, all at different speeds will exhaust you and leave you feeling great.

The philosophy behind Insanity is "Max Interval Training", a concept that BeachBody and Shaun T created to maximize the effectiveness of conventional cardio and interval training.

Like I stated with p90x, you don't need (and simply can't) do everything they do in the video. Even if you do 10% of what they accomplish, you'll lose weight and get in shape. It is simply a fantastic and truly exhausting workout.

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The best thing about this program is that there are no weights or accessories required. Its just you, your TV, and your DVD player. You'll need some space to jump around, so if you're in a small apartment or condo, it will be a little more difficult, but if you can do the workouts with limited space, go for it.

If You are Obese, at Risk for Heart Disease, Have Bad Knees, or any Medical Condition...Be Careful

I consider myself in great shape, but after this workout I have reservations promoting it to people with obesity, heart disease, or bad knees. Its just too intense, and should only be for people capable of extreme workouts. After almost every workout my knees ached a little. There are a lot of jumps and plyometrics in the Insanity Workout, and if you have bad, or compromised knees, be careful.

In fact, I recommend you commit to this program on a hard floor. After several workout in front of the TV on a carpet my knees were developing some pain. However after moving my workouts to the hardwood floors, that pain went away.

Furthermore, its probably a good idea to invest in a heart rate monitor. This workout may be the toughest cardio you've ever done, so its a good idea to monitor how your heart responds to the intensity.

A simple way to know your safe target heart rate is to keep it at or below 80% of your max predicted heart rate. That is a simple calculation...220-your age, multiplied by .80. You'll definitely feel fatigued when you go over this threshold, and will likely achieve that with Insanity. But be careful, if you feel overwhelmed and you heart rate reflects that feeling of exhaustion, ease up on the workout intensity a bit.

Always keep in mind that no matter how much or how little you do with the Insanity workout, you're likely to lose weight and get in shape. Commit to the entire 60 days and you'll change your body dramatically.

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