Insanity Ab Workout...Is It Better Than The p90x Ab Ripper?

The Insanity Ab Workout, in my opinion is NOT as insane as the other Insanity workouts, nor is it as effective
as the p90x ab ripper, however, it WILL get your abs in great condition and with a good diet, give you the look you've always wanted.

Cardio Abs

The workout is a combination of both cardio and conventional ab exercises like leg raises and planks. This combination will not only give you a great ab workout, but also a tough cardio workout too.

The first several minutes is the cardio portion of the workout. Shaun T. takes you through a few different exercises that are both cardio, and ab movements. For example, the workout begins with a simple jog, but
eventually he has you bring your arms overhead. This makes the jog more difficult because it engages your core more than jogging with your arms by your sides.

Another cardio based ab movement is wide tuck knee jumps. For this exercise he has you jump and bring your knees as high as possible. Additionally, Shaun T. has you touch your elbows to your knees while your knees are in the air. Its a tough movement, especially since its completed at a fast pace with no rest.

"Traditional" Abs

We're all accustomed to "traditional" ab exercises like sit-ups, leg raises, or crunches. After Shaun T. tires you out with the cardio abs portion of the workout, he has you on the ground for the second part of the workout for more traditional ab exercises.

These include intense movements like A-frame twists with knees where you hold your hands together above your head and bring them down together as your alternate your knees to your chest all the while sitting
on the ground. Its a somewhat difficult movement and my description might confuse you, but trust
me, its a great, intense exercise.

One of my favorites, which I incorporate into virtually every ab workout I do is planks with a knee. Performed in both a normal plank position and a low plank position, these are fun and effective exercises to work your
abs, especially the hip flexors and obliques. You simply get in a plank position and alternate bringing your knees up toward your elbow. This movement is basically a crunch, but instead of targeting your mid-abdominals, it works your obliques. I think this is one of the most effective and fun ab exercises ever. The exercise is great in a regular plank position, but even more effective in a low plank position.

You want sexy abs, v-shaped abs? Incorporate this movement, both low and high position, into your ab workouts. Used with the cardio abs Insanity workout you'll get great abs that will be the envy of your friends.

Insanity Ab Workout...Better than p90x ab ripper?

Like I stated earlier, I really don't think the Insanity ab workout is better than the p90x ab ripper. Its different. You get more of a cardio based ab workout. Yes, there are traditional ab movements but the
entire p90x ab ripper is a traditional, muscle-building ab workout. The Insanity ab ripper is better for losing weight and toning your abs. If you have more weight to lose before you sculpt rock-hard abs, then
get the Insanity workout first, lose weight, then follow it up with the p90x program or ab ripper to sculpt your abs into a washboard.

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