10 Minute Trainer Cardio, How To Burn More Calories With This Workout

The 10 Minute Trainer cardio workout, in my opinion, leaves something to be desired.  I've tried this workout many times, each time thinking I'll get something out of if, but only to be left disappointed.  The 10 Minute Trainer program is great for a lot of different reasons, but this workout is definitely the weakest of the series. The problem with the workout is that most of the exercises are too basic orlacking in intensity. 

However, you CAN get an effective, intense workout with the 10 Minute Trainer cardio workout.

Space is limited at my place so I HAVE to find ways to increase the intensity of this video

Make Modifications To Increase The Intensity Of The 10 Minute Trainer Cardio Workout

You can modify any workout to either decrease or increase the intensity.  With this workout, you'll need to make modifications to increase the intensity.

Even Tony Horton and the people at BeachBody were aware of this problem when they created the 10 Minute Trainer Cardio workout because they have a wall attachment resistance belt to increase the resistance of the exercises.

  • Resistance Belt

The easisest way to increase the intensity of this workout is to use the wall attachment resistance belt.

In fact, most of the exercises in the workout are designed to function with this accessory.  The 10 Minute Trainer cardio workout was designed to be a practical, quick workout that anyone can do with limited space and time.  The resistance belt increases the intensity and allows you to perform the exercises with limited space.

The resistance belt is a great accessory, but I found it a little akward to use.  When I do this workout I don't use the resistance belt, but make these other modifications.

  • Weighted Vest

Although a weighted vest is probably more useful with a resistance workout, not a cardio workout, I find it to be a great addition to this workout.  The intensity is much better, and I get a slight leg workout too due to the added weight. ZFO Sports makes a couple different vests that are some of the best available at a decent price.

  • Add Reps, Jump Higher, Move Faster

With any exercise you can always add intensity with simple techniques like adding reps, jumping higher, and moving faster.  Sounds too simple? It's not. Whenever I do this workout I add time to each exercise whichlets me get more reps, I try to jump higher or alter my movements to add intensity.  For example, the first exercise is called "combo run".  Its basically running in place at three different intensities.  Rather thanfollow the video and start with a slow jog and progress to a run, I start at a run and progress to an intense sprint.  This small change makes a big difference.  

Here is a list of all ten exercises  in the 10 Minute Trainer Cardio workout and how you can get more out of each one with some modifications...

  • Combo Run

A basic run in place.  Don't match the intensity of Tony and the girl on the video, they're too slow.  Start with a run, then work up to an intense sprint.

  • Warrior Lunge

A combination of warrior one and warrior two yoga movements.  To increase the intensity of this exercise move at a faster pace than the video and keep your lunge as low as possible.  You'll get a really good burn in your legs if you do these two modifications.

  • Tires

Tony has you perform imaginary tire jumps.  As if you were jumping into a series of several tires.  You perform the tire jumps then do a series of jumps back to your original spot.  In order to increase the intensity exaggerate each jump with each leg.  Bring your knees up high as your jump and add more "tires".  In the video he has you do six tires.  With the modification, add more tires.

  • Off The Line

Tony has you start in a squat and do a quick stutter step forward for several feet.  Then you face sideways and shuffle back to your original starting point.

Unfortunately this exercise is limited by space.  One of the best ways to increase the intensity would be to have more space, but if you're limited your best option may be the resistance belt.  You can always move faster and add more time like I stated earlier, but thats hard to do with this movement.  This exercise is almost a waste of time and doesn't add much to the workout.

  • Charleston Kick

The charleston kick has you begin in a shallow lunge.  As you stand up, you kick forward with the leg that was your rear support leg in the lunge.  You then alternate each leg every rep.

This exercise really lends itself to an increase in intensity through speed.  Its a fun exercise that takes a little bit of coordination, but once you've got it, you can increase the speed and thus the intensity.  Again, don't follow the pace of the video, make it faster.

  • Circle run

The circle run is another weak exercise.  All your doing is running in a circle.  However, its also another exercsie that fits well with the resistance belt.  However, like I said earlier, you might find the resistance belt to be a little akward, especially with this exercise.

One thing I found that increases the intensity is to actually shorten the size of your circle. In the video, Tony has you run in a circle that appears to be several feet in diameter.  I've found that if you actually make your circle significantly smaller, you can move faster and get more intensity.  When I tried to move faster in the big circle, I moved so fast I almost fell down because its harder to coordinate the movements at a fast pace. With a small circle, its much easier to control your body, AND move fast too.

  • The Gretch

The gretch is very similar to the motion of a speed skater.  You bend your knees slightly, then swing a leg behind your opposite leg while the opposite arm swings in front of you.  This exercise really lends itself well to an increase in intensity through faster movements.  Once you master the movement, increase the speed.  Its another fun exercise that is easy to perform at a fast pace.  Try to beat the pace of the girl in the video.  Challenge yourself to keep the intensity very high and you'll get more out of this workout.

  • Defensive Slide

You basically face sideways and skip laterally.  Similar to the "off the line" exercise previously only without the beginning movements. Unfortunately this is another exercise thats hard to increase the intensity without more space.  The best way to get more out of this exercise would probably be the resistance belt, or the weighted vest.

  • Side Lunge Side Kick

This exercise has you perform a slight side lunge, then a side kick, just like its name.  An easy move to perform, but lacking in intensity.  I think the best way to increase the intensity of this exercise is to perform a really deep side lunge, as low as you can, then a quality side kick.  The weighted vest lends itself nicely to this movement beacuse you're performing a lunge and any added weight will help build intensity and muscle.

  • Hop Squat Run Home

You face away from your initial spot and hop backwards 4-5 times with your legs spread wide apart.  You then run back to your initial spot.  The resistance belt works well with this movement, but more important is your body movements.  Make sure you have your legs apart and really work on effective hops backward.  Try to make them as big as possible.  Don't make little tiny jumps backward.  The larger the hops, the more effective this movement.  When you're running home, exaggerate your run and bring your knees up high for every step.

10 Minute Trainer Cardio, Beat The Intensity Of The Girl In The Video And You'll Get A Great Workout

This is a decent workout, not great.  With these modifications you will definitely get more out of this workout and burn more calories.  Another option with the 10 Minute Trainer cardio workout is to stack it with another 10 minute video.  If you have the time, do another video immediately after this workout.  Whether its the core cardio, yoga, abs, total body, or whatever, just stacking one of these workouts on top of another one is a great way to keep your heart rate up and burn more calories. 

That is the great thing about the 10 Minute Trainer program.  If you have time, you should stack workouts on top of one another for a full body, aerobic and anaerobic workout that will get you in shape fast.  Also, make it your goal when you do the cardio workout to focus on YOUR workout intensity, not that of the girl in the video.

She's in great shape, but try to beat her intensity and you'll get great results with the 10 Minute Trainer Cardio workout.

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